Diesel Tuning Modules

Car Towing Caravan

Do you tow a Caravan with your Turbo Diesel Car ? 

Are you a high Mileage driver, looking for economy ?

A Diesel Power Tuning module could be for you, increased Torque can be achieved, along with BHP, and improved Fuel Economy.

Rev Counter Display

More responsive Power when it's needed .

Car Fuel Guage

Added Fuel economy after DPT has been fitted.

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Click YouTube below to see a Review of the DPT System.Click Here to Watch the DPT Review Video

DPT Tuning Box With Quentin Willson

Diesel Power Tuning Module for Common Rail Fuel Systems with Turbo charger.

  • No ECU modifications, or wiring to cut or adapt.
  • Custom Plug and Play operation once module is setup.
  • Can be re-programmed and used on another Vehicle if you change your Vehicle.
  • Proven to save on average fuel, by increasing BHP and and increasing Torque output.

May require an upgraded Common Rail Pressure Valve at Additional Cost for Correct Operation. 

DPT Review by Mark, Cornwall

Vauxhall Astravan 1249cc

This astravan provided by the company that I worked for was pretty underpowered, compared to it's 1.7TD predecessors that I had driven, so I tried the DPT system, and to my surprise, it was like driving my old 1.7TD Astravan again, the performance of the originally sluggish 1249cc van, was now transformed to a more notcably responsive engine, which pulled more, along with it being much faster than before, where I was going through the gears most of the time to try and keep to a steady speed, now I'm driving in 6th gear at a steady speed up and down hills, before DPT being fitted I had to change down to 5th or 4th gear to keep to a steady 70 mph.

I would highly recommend, this product which is easy to change over to different vehicles, and I used it on 3 of my work vans and clocked up over 300,000 miles across the three vehicles, with no depreciation in performance, and no long term effects, other than a greatly inproved, and more enjoiyable driving experience.

Even bought one for an Astravan that I personally own now, and havent looked back since.